Police clash with protesters in London

A protest held in London with speakers such as Piers Corbyn and David Icke ended in a brutal way.

The protest went down very well with the thousands of people who attended, all the speakers got cheers from the crowd and it was an enjoyable and successful event with David Icke coming on last with a superb speech.

Police clash with protesters in London: Credit Ruptly

Once Icke had done his speech it ended very quickly all guests were removed to safety very quickly, then police came in, hundreds of them, charging there way through the crowds like a battering ram.

One man was pushed and ended up being thrown to the ground, fortunately he was able to get back up and run back to the officer who did this to him, the individual was just standing around.

It all got even more crazy as police were seen with batons extended, the crowd were now furious with the officers actions and started to fight them.

A man was also seen in the crowd with blood all over him, it is not known how he ended up with his face cut open.

Other incidents happened in the crowd and we saw one officer walking off with a load of other officers guarding him with a bandage on his head.

With government being so confusing, using behavioural tactics and needlessly shutting down society, with all the proof in the world as to why they need to have a re-think even from his own Tory party violence was inevitable.

Protests like the one the thousands saw at the event and the many watching like on YouTube are incredibly important, and more like it should happen all over the country not just London.

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