Advanced Warning: Road closure in Partington

Advanced Warning sign on Chapel Lane: Pic Darren Marsden

A 20 metre 5G mast is to be installed on Chapel Lane in Partington which will see the road closed for around 4 days from the 5th October.

The road will be closed from the Sports Centre and up to the entrance of Cross Lane Park, diversion signs will be up at Covershaw Lane/Moss Lane and possibly Sinderland Lane.

The 5G mast is the first for Partington and it will mean some healthy trees will have to come down, something we are sure many people will not be happy with, the mast is much more powerful than the one it is replacing and it does not mean Partington will get any coverage from it.

If you think 5G is not a problem and that no one cares about it, look at how many people joined us to get 5 masts refused and one withdrawn, from Altrincham to Stretford and Urmston/Flixton everyone objected.

We are delighted with the results, sadly no one objected to the Chapel Lane mast, if people had done and those sleepy councillors got involved we could have seen this one refused.

It is also understandable that people tend to go with what the councillors say, however and this is a good point we are making, how can any councillor say 5G is safe? nowhere on this planet are any documents proving this technology is safe not even the industry can assure us that 5G is safe.

ICNIRP are the people who councillors are hoping are correct, they may have read the older version where 5G was not even thought about! they need to read the 2020 version and that will help them to see that even they are not really sure what is going to happen.

Even the corrupt World Health Organisation cannot come up with anything, the last we read is a report is to be produced in 2022.

Lastly, the good people of Partington can do something about this and that is simply to tell your kids to stay well away from the mast, we have already witnessed kids messing around on the base stations, this is frightening! please keep them away from that area once the new mast is working.

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