Have your say at the Warburton Lane housing development appeal

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For many people in both Partington and Warburton the application for a housing development on Warburton Lane is a bad thing, with all the other housing developments in the area going up another one was just too much.

Trafford Council who tend to approve every housing development has come to the rescue this time after refusing the application, as a result through with some technicality Redrow decided to appeal.

This appeal will be heard on 19 October 2020 at 9.30am, members of the public and business can have there say at the appeal, it is vital that people do have a say, everything people say makes a difference.

All the information is here https://www.trafford.gov.uk/planning/development-control/docs/Warburton-Lane-Inquiry/Notice-for-Public-Inquiry.aspx

We urge business to make contact and have your say.

News4Trafford has been on this from day one as we have all the housing developments in Partington, we have heard your views and read them, it is now that your opinions, your concerns are heard using the above link will give you details on how to do that.

Our concerns are mostly about infrastructure, it is alright for Partington and Warburton to have more people, this adds money to the local economy, however to have these new people needs new infrastructure such as new roads, new shops, a new doctors surgery and so on.

For every development (other than HIMOR Furture Carrington site who themselves have done little to improve the highways) not one house builder has looked around to see what impacts a mega sized housing development will do to the area they are building it in, similarly we feel none of them have taken the concerns of the public seriously.

Partington’s population is currently hovering around 9000, soon this will increase significantly, and we are indeed talking soon! some people think housing developments take years! just look at Heath Farm Lane as an example, they have built a new road now although sadly only on to Broadway.

Over 600 new homes on Heath Farm Lane/Broadway how many new people will be in the area soon? you do the maths!

We do though have some good news to bring Partington residents and that is Countryside Homes have had to abandon plans to build 455 homes at the back of Lock Lane, we saw documents suggesting until the flooding issues are resolved nothing will be built although 158 new homes are being built on Hall Lane.

The Carrington protest group have said to us in recent times that the residents in Partington are to get a leaflet about there plans for a greener route in and out of Partington, they did not give us anymore details on the plans although we believe it is transport related.

Transport related? how many buses come in and out of Partington now? never mind when Manchester Road is at a standstill, we agree with them about the moss and green spaces 100% with them on that, however all of this should have been thought about at the time when we announced all housing development applications.

It is too late! if no new roads are to be built and we are talking significant 4 lane A roads not back roads then Partington residents will have nowhere to go, stranded is the word! in or out.

You may think that the only route in or out will be the abandoned rail line, so much dithering, so many false promises even by Sustrans! and nothing will ever be done to this line, even the MP Kate Green has said she has asked for funding for it to be a train line, she will not get a train line since we have been told some people from Broadheath have adopted part of the railway and they are never going to approve a new rail line.

So you see why it is more important than ever to give the appeal your say, the more people do the better, it is of course only one of the many housing developments going up and maybe more planned in the near future, however if you can get this refused again, it will only help out what will be a complete nightmare for not just Partington and Warburton residents but for everyone.

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