Horrific knife attack caught on camera

UK News

An horrific knife and machete attack between three people on a train station has been caught on camera by a passenger on the opposite platform.

The attack took place on 28 September in Stratford during the afternoon where three men was seen with blades attacking each other, with others looking on.

Video taken by a passenger on the other side of Stratford Station: video source Twitter (this video shows violent scenes)

A woman passenger on the same side the video was taken can be heard screaming and asking them to stop.

Emergency services turned up and took a 19-year-old man to hospital with none life threatening stab wounds.

It is believed a knife attack happened the day before at Finsbury Park in London.

London is going through a bad time of late, many people walking around and using deadly weapons is almost becoming the normal.

With the frustrations of the restrictions of Coronavirus and more unemployment more people will end up on the scrapheap, with the army on standby you can see now why the government are not taking any chances as the UK becomes ever more angry, evermore hungry.

Worries over job security is one thing, worries about the future under this maniac irresponsible government is not helping to secure any light at the end of the tunnel for the millions that are just about to join the dole queue.

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