Animal rescuer saves a dog’s life after an explosion in Beirut

After the explosion that rocked Beirut in August a dog was found chained up to a fence, with no food, no drink and no one bothering with the animal it was left for dead.

Incredibly the animal had the sense to dig is own shelter, it was then PETA found the animal and set it free, they gave the animal some food and water and took him to get emergency treatment.

Arrow once strong was adopted by his new family in Beirut well away from where he was found, and now has a huge back garden playing with two other dogs and incredibly happy.

This is a good news story from what was a bad situation where 192 people died in the explosion, because of this Arrow was forgotten about, a PETA animal rescuer save his life and his new family will give him what he deserves happiness, attention and all the love he needs.

Anyone who rescues an animal gets a gold star in our books, thank you to PETA for being there for Arrow and other animals who have been abandoned around the world.

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