Building more houses is good for the economy and bad for the environment

Broadway: Pic Darren Marsden

Here in Trafford we badly need more houses and flats to help those that have been on the council’s waiting list for years.

Some of these people are waiting in a desperate situation, and with Trafford being over subscribed around 10 times the chances of these people of moving is very slim, housing associations can no longer provide housing, it is now all swap which we are fully aware (for some) is a dreadful way of trying to get a move out for whatever reason.

We are all fully aware of what Trafford is going to look like within the next year or so, a place where road space will be cut in half, thousands of new people will be coming in to the Carrington and Partington areas, Old Trafford and Stretford with lots of flats and houses planned for the Sale area.

This is all good for the economy in Trafford we can all agree with that, however there is a major problem that we feel the council somehow have brushed aside, with all these new people comes with it new cars, vans and more HGV’s this will increase pollution in a dramatic way.

We are also incredibly concerned about the green belt which is mostly around Carrington and Partington, we see this slowly disappearing before our eyes, with yet another 5.5 acres of green belt sold on land opposite Cross Lane Park in Partington.

More of our green belt could be lost if the government approves the Warburton Lane housing development in Warburton.

The Carrington Moss protest group must save Carrington Moss, the council must listen to them and all that care about our environment, we understand the concerns over pollution and how vital it is to save the moss, however a balance is needed.

It would be crazy to think that no one will bring a car with a new housing development! they all will! so these new cars need new roads, and we know of 2 roads that is planned to be built and the possibility of another 2 minor roads in the future that may or may not happen.

As we base things on fact at this time we know of two new roads and one that is set to go across the moss or to the side, this will still not be enough to stop the nightmare road congestion in the area.

More roads are needed! this will cause higher pollution though something we need to bring down, if we do nothing people will be stuck! no one will be moving anywhere and emergency services will not be able to respond to residents in Partington, we must avoid this at all costs.

The vision we have is horrific! and we cannot find any solution or ideas to make things just a little bit better other than ban people with cars and that is not going to happen.

Old Trafford and Stretford will also look a lot different, thousands more people and thousands more cars and a daily spike in pollution which will cause more deaths.

We would like Trafford Council to put cycling and walking first and they never will, the small bit of “We are green” was no more than a small bit of fantasy, a short lived bit of glory that is now down to one cone.

Partington will be the worst affected, we have to stay positive and try and grab on to any solution and with the GMSF dithering and throwing around vague solutions with no real viable plans and house builders only concerned for profits and not existing people and no care for the areas they are building, it is going to be a bumpy ride!

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