Carrington Lane to be widened could bring headaches for campaigners

Carrington Lane construction zone: Google

We have seen plans that have now been approved for the widening of a part of Carrington Lane that could bring headaches for Carrington Moss campaigners who are rightly trying to save it.

Because of all the housing developments in and around Carrington new roads are needed and so plans have already been approved to widen the A1 road from Manchester Road to Isherwood Road.

The next and last part of the construction will be a road through the moss which is causing major concerns for campaigners and others who want to protect what little is left of our greenbelt.

With Trafford Council shouting loud on social media that they are a green council and that they care about the environment this does not help since now cyclists will have no path on Carrington Lane.

However we know that Partington needs new roads to be able to get in and out of the area and more bigger roads are needed, we have done a previous article about he dire need for new roads and how even this new bit of infrasructure will do little to ease congestion.

A happy conclusion would be to not go on greenbelt land and look for ways around the problem where everyone can give the thumbs up, so far it seems no one has listened to campaigners, or cyclists who just want to cycle in safety.

You would be a fool to believe all these new housing developments and the thousands of people just about to swamp Partington will not have cars or vans! so they need road space, with existing residents this will be increasingly short.

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