Manchester Mayor could two finger Greater Manchester going into a tier 3 lockdown

And Burnham in Sale Pic: Darren Marsden

Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham has today said he would not accept any proposals for Greater Manchester to be put into tier 3 lockdown.

In a tweet seen he claims putting the city into tier three is fundamentally flawed and would not accept it.

It seems the government communications department may have its own virus as we have all witnessed over the past six months or so, it seems the government are not in control of itself let alone a virus that looking at the data really is not climbing as fast as they claim.

Last night a Tory MP for Bolton West resigned because of the needless lockdowns that have as he claims “Not worked” it is also a fact that even the World Health Organisation are telling the UK that they do not need to lock down the country.

Andy Burnham is right that Manchester does not need to be in the worst tier and hopeful that those considering this change back down.

We are safer if we learn to live with this virus not try and get rid of it!

The government seems to be more concerned with protecting the NHS, well that is right however if you remember the summer months when we was in full lockdown the hospitals were almost empty, nurses and doctors showing us all how bored they was doing crazy syncro dancing in hallways!

You will now be aware of the statistics being wrong and the government taking thousands off the figures! we are not saying for one moment that the virus is made up, something is doing the rounds and you must have a layer of protection for yourself and others.

What we are saying though is to open your eyes and ears, look what even Tory MPs are saying now! they are all against any lockdown or circuit breaker Iain Duncan Smith speaking on Talk Radio today had lots to say which you can see below:

Talk Radio is the only mainstream media that offers any common sense in all of this asking the questions that need to be asked and showing the real data to the flawed data from other mainstream media.

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