5G is more than just a mobile signal as we find further proof that it can cause health problems

We already had enough proof to show you that 5G will cause health problems for everyone exposed to it, however we found some interesting words from the networks themselves.

A new 5G mast is currently awaiting a decision to be built opposite Trafford Centre in the application we found some very useful information that we needed to share with yoiu.

We have shared lots already however none from the networks who have done a very good job in keeping everything secret…until now!

In one part of a document seen says “Improved delivery of service would respect and continue to maintain the character of the location, would be suitably distant from potentially sensitive users”

[n another bit of the same application ICNIRP guidelines gave a real indication that people must not go around near one of these masts saying “Members of the public cannot unknowingly enter areas close to the antennas where exposure may exceed the relevant guidelines”

We know more so with the current 4G Partington mast on Chapel Lane kids have been seen using the cabinets as a climbing frame, these 5G masts are much more powerful and needs to be treated as a danger not as a friend giving you just a mobile phone signal.

With the information obtained we want parents to keep the kids away from the mast due to go up in Partington on Monday.

The safe distance is 100 metres from the antennas so people are not safe going past a mast or anywhere near one if you live within 100 metres that includes 4G, when we say safe we mean you will get a big dose of radiation which over time could help cause a range of health problems that could lead to death.

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