Road closure: Chapel Lane in Partington due to a ‘delayed’ 5G mast installation

A 5G mast that has so far been delayed twice is now set to be installed on Chapel Lane in Partington today 26/10/20.

As a result the road will be closed for several days according to signage seen, mast engineers do not normally take this long so we expect work will be completed much sooner.

This will be Partington’s first 5G mast which we could have got stopped had people objected however only a couple did, no councillor or parish councillor bothered to even check how dangerous this thing will be.

The council has a duty to protect the public to anything that will or could cause health issues, they have so far gone against this due to the amount of money 5G will bring to the council’s tills! more so when the more dangerous higher frequencies are installed.

Another mast is to be installed soon on Manchester Road, this could have also been refused by the council had it got hundreds of objections and councillor help, however at this time it is not near any houses and suitable due to it being next to Air Products!

The warning has been issued to parent or parents in Partington to keep your kids away from this new mast, they could become unwell if they are sensitive, however more likely to become unwell if they continue to be exposed.

We are concerned about the football pitch behind this mast and the sports centre and school who will be exposed to these new frequencies.