Trafford Council offers a £15 Tesco voucher so kids do not go hungry over half-term

Trafford Council: Google

Trafford Council is to give every family a free £15 Tesco voucher to help with food costs for one week.

To get this voucher you need to be on certain benefits which you can apply for by clicking here: https://www.trafford.gov.uk/residents/children-and-families/secure/October-half-term-free-school-meal-voucher.aspx

Simply because of Manchester United star Marcus Rashford everyone is helping families out to make sure kids never go hungry again over half-term.

We thank THT (Trafford Housing Trust) who have given £70,000 worth of grants and others who have coime forward to help out over half term and beyond.

Tesco stores can be found in many parts of Trafford including Partington and Sale.

Cllr Catherine Hynes, Trafford Council’s Deputy Leader and Executive Member for Children’s Social Care, said: “Coronavirus has impacted on us all but it has hit our families who are struggling to make ends meet at the best of times particularly hard. Marcus Rashford has shone a light on this problem and following the vote in the House of Commons earlier this week not to extend free school meals over the school holidays we felt compelled to act.”

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