Labour MP’s in Trafford go with the government voting for a second lockdown

Kate Green and Mike Kane Trafford Labour MPs who voted for the lockdown

Both Trafford Labour MPs voted with the government tonight for a second national lockdown which will now begin at one second past midnight.

It was predicted the vote was going for the lockdown as Labour wanted a circuit-break at the start of the school break, the result was 516-37 for the lockdown.

Boris Johnson confirmed that the lockdown will end on 2 December with the assurances given to Labour leader Keir Starmer that it will not be extended past that date.

It all seems crazy though with days of leading scientists and medics coming out telling mainstream media about how Witty and Valance statistics are misleading and out of date.

The current claim is 4000 a day would die when in reality 250 or so sadly passed away, it is still not good however not the 4000 claimed which is why Boris Johnson called for this damaging second lockdown.

We heard Boris Johnson claim today that the reason for the lockdown was to get the ‘R rate’ down to 1 or below 1, he was then clearly heard saying “We are hovering around the 1” so why lock us down for and further destroy the economy and people’s lives?

The infection rates in Manchester have been coming down for a couple of weeks now although still high.

We though challenge you to look at all the evidence from the top medics and scientists about the out of date statistics, the real truth was that no hospital anywhere was so full they could not take in any more patients, nightingale hospitals was never used, the morgue in Trafford Park never used.

Ask yourself why nurses and doctors have been seen dancing and acting like clowns around the ‘supposed’ dangerous phase of the pandemic, nurses though coming out bravely telling everyone soon after restrictions were eased that hospitals were empty.

The words ‘Change your behaviour’ has been mentioned a fair bit by a gullable clown called Boris Johnson who is without question in the wrong job! this man has a talent one that would be of more use in stand up.

It must be hard for this man who probably is regretting becoming the Prime Minister, he though needs to put his leader head on rather than wearing his gullible one which is seen all too often.

Thanks though to Sir Graham Brady the Altrincham and Sale West MP who actually made the most sense, he voted against a lockdown tonight.