Long queues formed outside Woodhouse Lane tip today which went all the way down Sinderland lane towards Broadheath.

The queues were still bad hours later as it started to get dark..

We attended and found the entrance closed with a very thin white barrier, when we first checked the scene during mid afternoon we saw no one at the gate or in the little hut to the left.

A very damp worker though was on hand on our return, he told us that the closure was because they thought people from Warrington was using the tip, and they are all confused with these new Covid regulations.

We do not believe the man at the gate since the tip uses APNR on every car and van which would flag up anyone not from Trafford, although we cannot get any further information it seemed like this delay was not needed, we also cannot find any information that would stop anyone from using any of Trafford’s tips.

It was also a danger for cyclists turning right heading for the cycle path, no official was seen anywhere making sure motorists was told what was going on or how long they may have to wait for which must have been even more frustrating.