Mobile phone masts

We are sitting proud tonight as residents in Davyhulme got the good news that two 5G masts will not go up.

A total of 24 residents objected to the Broadway mast and we are very pleased to tell them all that with the objections and other emails and letters sent to ward councillors that this mast has been withdrawn.

Another mast that was first supposed to have been built outside McDonalds at Trafford Retail Park and was approved by the council and then changed to nearby Barton Road near Storma Gardens has been refused by the council.

The reason for refusal given was the council believed the applicant did not explore a better place to put this mast, the 20 meter mast would be visually obtrusive and overly dominant.

These 5G masts adds up to 9 masts stopped from going up in Trafford all of which have been Three-UK masts, sadly even in this proud moment Trafford Council continues to ignore residents concerns about health issues.

If you want to be part of a winning group or if you just want to learn more about 5G join the Facebook group ‘Trafford residents against 5G’.