Revised plans for a huge housing development in Partington brings many objections

A housing development just behind Lock Lane in Partington that has been delayed has now had its plans revised,

The layout is much improved although for some existing residents this has become a problem, although we feel Countryside homes will get an easy fix on the complaints which has so far been privacy issues and a tree.

Many residents though are growing increasingly concerned about all these new housing developments, since no house builder has ever thought about existing and new residents.

Many people around this area have objected and we ask all Partington residents to object: 100110/RES/20

We asked a house builder for his comments and even he could not understand why they did not look at the worries of existing residents, new roads need to be built, a new shopping centre, more shops for people near Oak Road where another 75 new homes will be built next year!

It is all too late now to stop what is going on, only good fortune can get the Warburton Lane housing development stopped even if someone finally looks down on Partington it won’t make much difference since Heath Farm Lane will etch the disaster logos on the Partington headstone.

We expect the revised plans to be passed and with the 158 new homes on Hall Lane you can imagine the nightmare situation and only a year or so, do not believe anyone who thinks all these housing developments will take years to be built, once remediation has been done, all pipes fitted they will fly up!

We understand that the people in Xarringtom want a bridge to be built to ease congestion, it would be a nice addition however how is that going to help? the idea of more public trandsport is another good idea, however no one is going to give up the car and why should they!

They won’t vanish and so the issues will become so bad on Manchester Road, Warburton Lane and so on maybe taking the car is actually a bad idea since you will be in traffic jams for hours no matter what direction you take.

Pollution is a big concern, we have been told by SAICA that what we see is steam, do you believe that? the power station is soon to be expanded, the amount of traffic on them roads will increase pollution to an all time high, what though can be done? its a hard ball to juggle, either way we suggest all Partington residents to buy a cycle if you want to get to somewhere.