We have come across some mega sized fly-tips in Partington however nothing like the one seen today just off Chapel Lane.

Leading up tp where this huge fly tip we saw lots more rubbish that has been thrown about and even a lot of fly-tipping on Covershaw Lane near Partington.

Of course many parts of Trafford experience fly tipping, we are forever seeing fly tip photos from Old Trafford, with One Trafford struggling to cope more of these events will happen.

If you see a fly tip please report this as soon as you can to One Trafford https://www.trafford.gov.uk/residents/transport-and-streets/street-care-and-cleaning/fly-tipping.aspx

If you are caught fly tipping you will be prosecuted, investigators will search for clues as to where the rubbish came from, everyone will leave a trail behind.

The Partington fly-tip though is a monster sized one that we stayed away from, this is a disgrace.