A highly pathogenic strain of bird flu named as H5N8 is currently spreading in the UK and in Europe, as of 14 December Defra issued a statement which you can see here: https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/942827/hpai-europe-update8-071220.pdf

No vaccine exists for bird flu so it is suggested you stay away from the following species until the all clear alert is called:





Birds of prey

You are advised to stay away from all wild birds as a precaution alive or dead, gulls as many know tend to poo everywhere and sometimes can land on a human, do not feed them as many will come which increases your risk of catching bird flu.

We are aware about the Canadian Geese coming close to people looking for food, you must leave, throw them whatever you have and leave, if you are sitting down and they get out of the water get up and leave.

Ducks do not come close to humans and are less of a threat, if feeding them keep your distance and all should be fine.

Some Magpies have been tested positive in Europe for H5N8 strain, any wild bird must now be viewed as a threat to your life, they are everywhere and so show them more respect than normal, all the birds in your local park might not have bird flu, however it only takes one and that one could give you the virus.

You are also advised to keep any bird you have away from wild birds failure to do so could land you in trouble.

At this time poultry is fine to eat due to the strict bio security measures in place, the threat is wild birds.