Police have confirmed they are to increase patrols in Walton Park in Sale after an increase in ASB (Anti social behaviour) and two fires.

We believe the fire pictured was started sometime Saturday evening or in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Anti social problems in this park are nothing new, with many teenagers and some younger hanging out around the back of the sports club.

In recent days we inspected Walton Park and saw the damage that had been done and where the fire was, locals are saying that this is nothing new as bins have been torched before although on this occasion fencing was also ripped out and burnt.

One problem for Walton Park is the wooded area where a miniature rail line operates, this is used often for all types of criminality and of course its a hide out.

Despite its problems Walton Park will always be popular with families and dog walkers, its a nice park and too nice to let those mindless few ruin it for everyone, to get on top of this problem police are asking people to report any incident on 101 or use the chat facility on the GMP website.