An anti-child labour banner was chained up near Primark at the Trafford Centre on 19 December by activists claiming to be from a group calling themselves ‘Local Matters’.

The group took to Manchester City Centre also during the day to ask shoppers to use locally run shops which we also support as the plandemic has left them all struggling to keep open.

All the action though happened at The Trafford Centre where with a megaphone an activist gave shoppers some food for thought asking them to “shop smaller.”

Security rushed to the scene trying to stop what was going on, the group claim security was finding it hard to remove the huge banner due to it being chained up.

It seems the target was Primark who it is widely known had a murky past with the use of children in sweatshops, however the company have made some efforts to reduce this, read what Primark have done here

Other well known brands also continue to pay next to nothing to its workers in dreadful conditions, often they will work 12-hour shifts or even longer with no break.

The problem is the political people, leaders and authorities in the country this horrific unethical abuse of human rights happens, the UK and other countries can only advise, also to get the big names on the high street to comply and many have done.

Local Matters is a collective of citizens and activists concerned with the issues stated by our name – Local Matters! Together, we share the view that the basis of politics is found and realised at the level of local communities where the individual and his/her decisions matter. Through research, advocacy and agitation, we fight for radical, cross-party policies established on the principles of regionalism, direct democracy and social sustainability.