Happy Christmas 2020 to all our readers

Photo by Maria Orlova on Pexels.com

It has been a testing year however Christmas is here! a time to enjoy and relax, the Christmas spirit will never be ruined not even by the dodgy politicians.

Every year at this time we think of those less fortunate, this year will be much worse due to the pandemic, children going without presents to open on Christmas day is sadly a reality, even kids go without food at Christmas, this is tragic in a very big way, however this year we have seen business come good, looking after everyone making sure everyone had a meal.

Even Manchester United star Marcus Rashford came out fighting to help those with nothing to eat, he deserved the reward of MBE and still this man continues to help people which is as magic as his feet with a ball.

Despite what is going on one thing that is on show for all to see here in Trafford is the strength, the amazing people coming out to spread some cheer, to help others all the way through the year restored our faith in humanity, no one can touch Trafford’s strength, for no matter how you may feel you will make it throiugh the darker moments in life even if it seems desperate, this place, the energy the kindness and the will to win and an unrivalled determination to continue onward’s is impressive.

So here we are despite everything, despite the doom and gloom we kept our chins up, smiled and got on with things helping others and no one person in Trafford should put your heads down, keep going your amazing!

A big thanks to everyone who looked after the children this year Trafford Housing Trust and others stepped up and we cannot thank them enough.

Happy Christmas

Team News4Trafford