Cornerstone who are the firm behind O2 and Vodafone here in the UK responded to our requests to provide us with any proof that 5G was a safe technology for humans and animals.

5G has never been tested safe for humans and animals anywhere in the world, it was interesting to read what the reply said which was

“I  can advise that the ICNIRP limits are recommended to the telecommunications industry by Public Health England who are the government agency responsible for the protection of public health in the UK.

“In terms of radio frequency exposure 5G is not essentially different from other radio technologies.

“There are many existing radio technologies that already operate above 6GHz.

“I would also advise the ICNIRP occupational limits are used in the Control of Electromagnetic Fields at Work Regulations 2016 and the European Union Electromagnetic Fields Directive 2013/35/EU from which the UK regulations are derived.”

PHE (Public Health England) have not got a clue about 5G and often throw the ball back to ICNIRP, our issue is that Trafford Council goes off ICNIRP’s guidelines when actually they should be consulting Public Health England, similarly a Public Health England statement and declaration should be with every application that 5G is a safe technology.

This reply by a spokesperson from Cornerstone did not offer any answers to our question and that was simply “Send us any information you have or any official links showing 5G is a safe technology” they dodged it completely.

It also provides us with information that gives ICNIRP less credibility (not that they had any) it must send shockwaves into the heart of Trafford Council and others who swear by ICNIRP guidelines as the truth!

Other radio technologies over 6GHz will be away from humans and animals, and having checked we could find only radio antennas that offered more than 6GHz, we are aware the councils extensive CCTV mast network runs on 5GHz and well away from people, the masts are often on the roof of buildings.

5G at this time here in the UK is sub 6GHz however will end up to be around 40GHz or higher, we will work hard to find a document that says 5G is safe, do not hold your breathe though!