We found out today ( 6 January 2020) after conversations with a mobile mast installation company here in the UK that networks use the ‘Precautionary’ guidance from ICNIRP to presume 5G is safe for humans.

A message sent yesterday asked the Community, Government Relations and Media Manager of Cornerstone that installs masts for O2 and Vodafone, we asked “Provide us with significant and official documents proving 5G is safe for humans and animals?”

The spokesperson for cornorstone dodged the question completely, this does prove 5G is nothing more than a science experiment on humanity, to wildlife and insects.

So we know now UK mobile operators presume safety sinbce nothing in both 1998 and 2020 ICNIRP guidelines or anything World Health Organisation has said says “Its safe” in fact the WHO (World Health Organisation has said in past documents they think mobile phone radiation is a possible carcinogen.

ICNIRP say that all data is for 6 minutes exposure, this is interesting since 5G will be 24/7.

We asked when the rol out of the higher frequencies will be rolled out and would the antennas need planning permission, we found out that the spectrum needs to be allocated so no deployment yet, the frequency will start at 26GHz and all will go through the same planning process.

Because a mega sized mast installation company that deals with two of the biggest mobile phone operators could not send us anything to prove 5G is safe, not even a link! we conclude 5G is unsafe, we conclude Trafford Council have been putting the public in danger for approving many installations and we ask them to halt 5G until proven safe and we urge councillors to take this seriously and spend a bit more time reading the guidelines.