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Like many of us we’re glad to see the back of 2020 and a New Year means a new resolution – so where better to start than with saving the planet? Manchester-based skincare and haircare brand, grüum, is doing just that by pledging to collect and recycle 20,000kg of plastic that would otherwise end up in our seas. That’s the equivalent of 1 million plastic bottles!

Thanks to a partnership with Plastic Bank, for every single product grüum sells the company makes a donation to the charity, who in turn pay collectors in underprivileged coastal communities across the globe to gather ocean-bound plastic waste and have it responsibly recycled.

“We already sell zero-plastic products like our sustainable shampoo and conditioner bars, but we wanted to go one step further” grüum co-founder Andy Shaw commented.

The work with Plastic Bank means that all of grüum’s products are plastic positive; grüum will collect and recycle far more plastic than they produce. And that’s even before you factor in their recyclable packaging and dedicated razor recycling scheme.

Instead of ending up in the ocean, the waste is then recycled and returned to the global supply chain as “social plastic”. Collectors are paid a premium for the materials, which helps them provide for their families and offers them a route out of poverty.

“By partnering with Plastic Bank it means we can offer our customers peace of mind. They know that by choosing grüum products they are reducing their plastic footprint, in terms of cosmetics anyway.”

The global cosmetics industry contributes around 120 billion units of packaging per year to the world’s waste but, despite the rise in public awareness of the problem, only 50% of Brits are recycling bathroom waste (vs 90% of kitchen waste).

grüum is one of the UK cosmetic industry’s pioneers, as it is one of the first brands to offer an end-to-end solution to minimise plastic pollution.

“As an industry, we all have a responsibility to reduce waste and recycle where we can. grüum is proud to be leading the conversation in the UK.”

We have also seen the efforts of a man living in Sale who has cleared up bags of plastic bottles from our rivers and brooks with little reward or thanks from Trafford Council, Pete Miners has a Facebook group where you can see the work he has done search ‘Counting Outdoor Manchester Bottles’