Hullard Park Old Trafford: Google

Trafford has many parks some are haunted and one more so, Hullard Park in Old Trafford has many reports of ghost activity, the park just off Northumberland Road was built in 1890.

Reports are that a Victorian lady is seen near the gardens in the park, and other spirits roaming around the park, we know people have died in the park in recent times.

We have also had messages suggesting nearby Seymour Park has some spooky moments also, Walton Park in Sale has some ghost activity, we got a report of a woman and man seen by a resident and the same people was seen in the cemetery 5 minutes later, the resident could not work out how both could make it to the area they was in so fast as both were heading for Bridgewater canal.

On the canal towpath you would have to go past Brooklands Bridge and up the ramp to the road and down the bridge into Brooklands Cemetery and then they would have to trek south bound towards Walton Park, this would take anyone around 15/20 minutes! the resident informed us that the man once in the cemetery had a wheel chair that was previously not seen.

Walton Park has a history with a warplane crashing into what is now the football pitch, regulars to the park have seen some spooky things, and also on the canal tow path.

In other places the Pomona pub has a regular visitor which is a very large cat, if you have seen anything ghostly please contact us.

In science ghosts are part of the imagination, what do you think? do people live on after death? is it true that a black ghost is bad and a white one is good? have your say and any images please send to