Trafford was put on flood alert as the River Mersey and Sinderland Brook in Partington saw a huge amount of rain overnight on 20 January 2021, a day of crazy weather.

Mile Road Flixton: Pic GMP

Flixton Road (Mile Road) has been now been closed we will bring you the latest information as we get it when the road will re-open again, this means bus services 255 and 247 will be affected, we are aware the 255 service is being diverted, this road is still closed at 9pm.

Greater Manchester Police declared a major incident so they could help in the event houses and business were flooded, we braved the dreadful conditions to bring you footage of the River Mersey in two places as you can see below.

Two areas of the Mersey are now in a serious way as the Environment Agency has issued a severe flood warning, an evacuation is currently underway in East and West Didsbury and Northenden, roads have been shut as river levels continue to increase.

The water as you can see was so high it covered the entire arch, more concerning was the bridge under the A56 although at this time some daylight can be seen in one of the arcs.

Sinderland Lane in Partington is now reaching for a record after going over the flood alert line, it currently stands at 1.04m metres, we know many parts of Sinderland Lane is under water however no problems for Partington residents other than getting through the flood water.

Flixton is now on flood alert (At 4.30pm) with river levels increasing to 4.43 metres and Sale is increasing although slower at 3.69 metres which was last recorded at 4.45pm.

River Mersey near Carrington Spur: Image Peter Miners

In other places Glaze brook is currently 3.24 metres with only 0.6 metres left to break a water level record at that location and Baguley Brook  in Northern Moor water levels are increasing currently at 0.87 metres.

Weather information below for 21/01/21