Partington is on the up with its not so great past well behind them, with the new housing developments going up we ask why would new people want to live in Partington?

We are asking new residents to check on a few things before moving into the new houses at Heath Farm Lane/Hall Lane and on the banks of Manchester Ship Canal.

Do you have kids? Do you drive? or do you like to use public transport or cycle to work? you see when you move into your dream home you are going to have some issues with all of these things and more.

In Partington as many councillors have pointed out at a recent planning meeting junior school places are limited, you probably will have to look at the other areas of Trafford who are also full up, no point looking at Sale as from what we can gather every school including secondary has no places left.

Then you will soon start to get annoyed at the traffic situation since Partington’s population will have swelled from just over 9000 people to around 12,000 people, more people = more cars! so your journey to work will take longer if you have children and you do find a school suitable this will cause problems unless your partner also has a car in which case this would be better.

Public transport is very poor in Partington with only a handful of buses, no taxi rank or trains/Metrolink and only one extra service is down on paper which may not even happen!

Medical facilities in Partington is struggling, even before the pandemic was called it was struggling to cope, with a 3,000 rise in population things will get even worse, it could be you will have to go to doctors elsewhere! this would include dentists.

Not a good start to life in Partington! you check what shops you can visit and find a small. but nice shopping area, and soon realise this is not good enough! the smallest Tesco you have ever been in is not suitable anymore, Heron is big enough to cope so that is a plus, the only other convenience stores are at Bargain Booze, the petrol station has some things, Wood Lane has a convenience store which will soon be overwhelmed.

You may find yourself heading for Oak Road, then find a single storey development that should have been bulldozed a long time ago, however you will find a convenience store and two takeaways.

Ok so you try out online shopping, most people do these days, with traffic congestion expected to be bad, will couriers want to be sitting in hours of traffic? we think over a short time they will all stop coming to Partington, something Trafford planning committee forgets along with everything else!

A new road is proposed to be built, this though is only a rapid transit route and is only on paper so will take many years to be built if it gets full approval at Trafford Planning.

Cycling infrastructure is poor in Partington, Countryside Homes will build a loop around Partington which will be interesting, this though will only be in Partington and link up with other poorly designed and signposted routes going out towards Altrincham, it will be difficult to cycle down Manchester road in a year or so.

Pollution will be a bigger problem, SAICA paper mill which is very close to Heath Farm Lane and Broadway although have told us that the billowing smog coming from the plant is steam, it still stinks up Partington, we have even smelt it as far as Sale and in the lanes going to Altrincham, other industries operate very close.

We want to see more people, new developments in Partington which helps its economy brings with it new opportunities the area deserves, for things to work out as best as it can be, more thought at the planning stage is needed, we are truly sickened by some of the planning committee where they speak about the kids not having a school to go to and all that we have said in this article and yet they still approve!