Huge 20 metre 5G mast to be installed near several schools in Stretford

Burleigh Road Stretford: Google

A 3-UK 20 metre 5G mast application was approved by Trafford planning yesterday (05/02/21) the mast will now be installed on Burleigh Road in Stretford.

Schools that will be exposed to this mast was contacted as was all the local councillors and according to the application no one responded.

The nearest school is Gorse Hill Primary and a pre-school called ‘Little Chatterpillars’ on Beresford Road, the other schools affected is Stretford High School and of course the college.

Many people believe 5G is just a mobile phone mast and gives you a better signal, of course the Three network has poor coverage and more masts would increase this, however 5G is much more than a mobile phone signal, it is the internet of things, from driverless cars to tiny drone swarms and much more.

The side effects are from higher frequencies, right now the UK mobile networks have not rolled out the ‘Millimetre’ wave antennas or masts, and when they do, you will see loads on lamposts, back of benches, on walls, in bus shelters, even on trees! they will be everywhere.

Once operational they are linked up with these mega huge ugly 5G masts, they work on a thing called ‘Beamforming’ it is not a new technology, if you have Sky your dish uses beams to bring you content, even Trafford Council’s CCTV uses beamforming although currently operating at 5GHz

These beams hit the skin of a human but does not completely get through, however the research done was on an adult not a child or a baby, no research has been done by ICNIRP on what these beams will do to animals or even insects!

All research done is time limited to how much exposure someone has and more importantly how close someone is to a mast, or a millimetre wave box or antenna.

If you are sceptical about the dangers of 5G, we ask you right now did you ever hear any of what we have said happen with the 4G roll out? did you ever hear about unborn babies being affected? or the signal heating up the skin? and other things?

This is completely different technology! Yes it will bring with it better signal and faster internet and download speeds, and it has many side effects that we are sure you do not want to be exposed to.

5G is increasing in Trafford more so in the north and west of the borough, we have helped keep 5G away from some of Sale, sadly other operators like EE and Vodafone are increasing coverage and will soon be everywhere, we think the 5G signal is coming from masts on buildings rather than monopoles and we cannot do anything about that.

Gladly and we offer you some comfort in knowing that any dangerous millimetre wave masts or antennas will have to go through planning the same way as normal masts and once known we will want everyone to object, remember though the council will make millions of pounds from the deployment, it will be a battle, one we must win!