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According to ONS (Office of National Statistics) six people out of ten who died from COVID-19 were disabled or had a learning disability.

The ONS said Between 24 January and 20 November 2020 in England, the risk of death involving the coronavirus
(COVID-19) was 3.1 times greater for more-disabled men and 1.9 times greater for less-disabled men, compared with non-disabled men; among women, the risk of death was 3.5 times greater for moredisabled women and 2.0 times greater for less-disabled women, compared with non-disabled women.

Looking at people with a medically diagnosed learning disability, the risk of death involving COVID-19 was 3.7 times greater for both men and women compared with people who did not have a learning disability after using statistical models to adjust for a range of factors, a raised risk of 1.7 times remained unexplained for both sexes.

It is another issue for this useless government will have to find excuses as to why those with disabilities were forgotten about during the worst of the virus last year, focus was on the elderly and rightly so, disabled and those with learning disabilities had no chance and many needlessly died.

It is a disgrace and in a public inquiry that should be held soon, many questions will be fired at a troubled Boris Johnson, for which his expected excuses will not wash with anyone with any credibility, not only did the government deliberately scare people using the mainstream media, use dodgy statistics throughout the pandemic now we learn they did not protect those with disabilities or learning problems.

Here is the ONS statement: