LCD lights making roads safer will soon be dimmed

When the change from normal street lighting to LCD happened in Trafford most people had problems with it, either too bright or worries about blue glare which does cause retinal damage.

After a while people got used to it and its been with us ever since, however Trafford Council are now going to dim the lights from April which the Tories claim could cause more anti social behaviour and possibly more accidents.

Of course the only reason the council are dimming the lights is to save some money as they fight hard to make ends meet in these strange times.

We are not sure by how much the council are to dim the lights, of course if they go too far accidents on our roads will happen, and you must expect more anti social behaviour and crime to happen, so its going to be tough to get the right balance.

The LCD lights are problematic since they are now! way too bright however we have seen lots of dark spots in between even with them being very bright, so if they dim the lights these dark spots will get bigger, this will leave more areas in the dark leaving people feeling vulnerable and could cause accidents on our roads.

We think that dimming the lights slightly would be enough where not many people will even notice, we shall have to wait and see in April.