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Trafford is a dangerous place to cycle in and we are all aware of the dangers, motorists are now contacting us saying they are now feeling unsafe whilst driving in Trafford.

We asked other motorists in Sale about how they feel and all said they are concerned about the poor driving standards of some drivers, one man who did not want to be named told us of his experiences on Carrington Lane with cars cutting him up at speed and even forever reporting potholes.

A shop worker Andrea told us she felt unsafe and confirmed with us about the poor driving standards and irresponsible behaviour that would eventually bring about a crash that could include fatalities.

We are aware of a one-car crash in Trafford Park where a motorist took a roundabout too fast and lost control meaning his car ended up crashing into barriers flipping over and landing upside down, the driver survived and police reported him.
Some motorists have been speeding on Washway Road and often on Sinderland Lane where police have not been seen giving the false idea by some of these motorists they may get away with acting like a maniac yet no care shown for themselves who could end up the one fighting for his or her life in a local hospital.

When you have motorists getting worried, it is surely time police did something with the council to catch bad motorists and charge and ban them, fitting cameras in known hotspots is a must, we think also having 20 MPH zones all over Trafford will save lives.

If you are a cyclist make sure you have a video camera, wear Hi-Viz and do not think the law will protect you just because you were in a cycle lane, the way to stay safe is common sense! if a bus or a lorry passes you if you are in a cycle lane and the gap left is nothing do not continue, wait for the bus or lorry to move on.

You must get off your bike if you are spooked when it is safe to do so, get on the kerb and have a rest, get a drink and when feeling better get back on your bike again