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Ivy aged 7 who is a pupil at Wellfield junior school in Sale is helping the school in their pursuit to fund a 380m running track at the school.

The philosophy behind building this track is to help engage the children in completing a minimum of 1 mile per day of the track.

To date Ivy has done lots of long walks, completed many runs and even completed a fire fast 5km run in 28mins 44 seconds!

She took up running around 9-months ago and she did so to help keep her fit and focused.

Ivy has set two challenges. Firstly she will be completing a 5 mile run (Friday 2nd April 2021). Secondly she will be climbing Mt. Snowdon (Monday 31st May 2021)

She initially set a target of £500 (Track is around £20,000) and after achieving that figure with amazing support of local people from within the community. she has now increased that target to £1,000 and it sits around £570.

This is an incredible achievement by such a young girl and incredibly impressive time for her 5K run, a track star in the making! her family are very supportive of her efforts.

The track needed is we are told is 380 metres and around 4ft wide, the surface required is an Astro style carpet and has been costed.

Please donathttps://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/wellfield