Whilst people in Partington prepared for Easter Sunday, BT was trying to find a fault that meant most of its customers in the area had no landline.

Phone lines went dead on Saturday morning, this also meant people with BT broadband which includes Sky TV customers and anyone with a BT TV box will have some issues, as of now BT are saying everything will be back by 6pm next Tuesday (13/04/21) at the latest.

Because it was not your fault you can claim some compensation so it is worthwhile ringing customer services once everything is back, customer services from a mobile is 0800 800 150 and is free call.

If your broadband speed is poor or you have no broadband you can use your phone as a modem (hotspot) or if you have a dongle you could use that, if using a phone as a modem remember to make sure you have enough data on your phone plan.


People on a Halo package will be sent a dongle although 4G speeds are not very good in Partington and it will take a few days before its delivered.

Update: (7 April 2021) We are now getting reports many people have been re-connected and the fault has since been fixed, outages happen from time to time and BT engineers got the problem resolved much quicker than expected.