The location of the new Lidl Store: Google

A new Lidl store that was first refused has now been approved to be built at Altrincham Retail Park by Trafford Planning Committee.

Despite objections by Hale Civic Society and councillors Minnis, Gerrome and Wynstanley all other councillors approved including the chair Partngton Councillor Aidan Williams who has now approved the application twice.

Lib Dems councillor Minnis refused simply because of road safety and nothing else, we question if she read the new application where the applicant did their homework and got the thumbs up by all regarding road safety, the councillor even made a weird suggestion that the committee would be accused if someone dies on the road!


Green Party’s Dan Gerrome refused the application due to highways issues and felt the Lidl store at Altrincham Retail Park would create a problem for Altrincham Shopping Centre, now he has more time on his hands he can and ask questions why he and his party did nothing to stop all the healthy trees coming down all over Altrincham when his party is supposed to be climate activists.

All the Trafford Tories voted to approve this application with some reservations,

We have been incredibly supportive of this application, everything has been thought about including the residents around Altrincham Retail Park, and we are glad to say 40 jobs will now be created, 50 will be saved and 100 construction jobs will also be created.

This new store will make use of the largely abandoned car park near Homebase, and will serve people from many parts of Trafford.

Lidl have said the new store will be built within a year and we all welcome them.