United Utilities have blocked off a large bit of land west of Woodhouse lane in Sale which is close to the Sale West Estate.

The water company is the owner of much of the land behind the familiar fences which includes a path that goes past the public tip and then connects to Woodcote road.

We already reported on what was going on previously with a large chunk of land dug up and a large square covering next to the EE mast which got a lot of residents talking.

Since then we are now seeing a full fence installed and vegetation cut completely showing a long kerb, further on are a set of gates although this would not stop anyone from accessing the site, however a disclaimer notice board has gone up telling people if they have a fall or some accident United Utilities are not liable.

Checks were made to see if they are right in putting up this disclaimer post and if the wording was correct, on private land the owner has to reasonably make sure that public paths are clear of obstructions and maintained to a fairly good standard, this path that goes from the big fences and cycle entrance is we believe owned by United Utilities.

If anything happens down the path or on verges and you can prove it was because of an obstruction or a pothole, get evidence right away and report the incident, if you wanted to take it further get some legal advice.

We checked to see if United Utilities were due to work on the site, GM Roadworks from TFGM was checked up to a year in advance and saw no work planned, a good point was raised though by a resident who said: “If it was work being done they would not put up fences and cut back the hedges to reveal a kerb if it was simply for pipe work”

The biggest mystery to us was when something was placed near the mast on a previous visit, although this may have been for the digger, however we saw no digger and we ask why security was seen blocking the path for 2 days! even during the evening.

To clear up this mystery we have contacted United Utilities and await a reply