Manchester United fans turned up to Old Trafford this afternoon 2 May 2021 with one clear message “We want Glazers out!”

Thousands of fans turned up to the protest and somehow fans ended up on the Old Trafford pitch a breach of security Manchester United will be taking very seriously.

Video Credit: The United Way

Some fans were seen standing on bits of wall nearer to the rail line which was a dangerous situation since the wall is not for standing on fans were seen climbing up on to other parts of the stadium.

It is unknown if any of the Glazers who own United were in the stadium today to watch United take on rivals Liverpool however the message from Manchester United fans will have been noted.

We are also hearing German kit suppliers Adidas are unhappy with United signing up to the European Super League and also falling kit sales.

The European Super League is no longer going to happen in its present format and gladly all of the other Premier League clubs decided to hop of that shipwreck and football in this country was saved, however all 6 clubs signed a legal agreement so how they can get out of this without being fined heavily is subject to debate.

We think a new structure will be set up where the football pyramid cannot be changed as we have it now however before that comes around we hope that fans can have some consultations and meetings which would give a club the right feedback and take the right course of action since without the fans a football club could not exist.