How the mast would look

Residents are now objecting to a 20 metre 5G mast that could be installed on Harboro Way in Sale if Trafford Council planning committee grants the application.

Three-UK have had a bad time here in the south and west of Trafford as residents come out in force to make sure the very tall and ugly looking masts are refused.

The mobile phone firm seems to place all its masts in the wrong place each and every time an application is submitted, the most insane application was to install a mast on a narrow bit of land on Coppice Avenue in Sale.

This latest application will cause many problems for a lot of people, it is also a hazard for disabled people and those with sight issues, the cabinets are over 6ft tall and unlike 4G more of these cabinets will be installed.

We have read some of the issues some residents have said and they can find the answers on the Facebook page Trafford residents against 5G, it is a none conspiracy page and only deals in the facts, we urge councillors to take a look and learn about this technology.

If you want more information about the dangers of 5G just read the ICNIRP guidelines, where you will find mo safety information, we have since contacted ICNIRP to provide us with proof of 5G being safe and they could not provide us with anything, we have asked Cornerstone (which installs masts for Vodafone and O2) for anything relating to 5G being safe and they could not provide anything.

For any councillor, or anyone claiming it is safe they need to set some time aside and actually read ICNIRP guidelines and follow the Facebook group for the very latest information on 5G.

You can object to the Harboro Way mast anonymously by sending an email with 104191/TEL/21 in the subject line and then your message that you wish to object.