Traffic Survey in operation around the Sale area as Transport for Greater Manchester looks at the data to make things better for both motorist and cyclists.

The cameras are not for law enforcement although we expect police to be able to use any footage if needed.

APNR camera on Langdale Road in Sale

We have seen several APNR cameras around the Sale area which on the Intelligent Data website says “Our teams can deploy hundreds of market-leading real-time ANPR traffic survey equipment, providing origin/destination data, Journey times, trip chains, Euro and tax class emission data throughout the UK and EU.”

No information is given about what else these cameras pick up and how it protects our rights to privacy, the survey for cyclists means you will see these smaller cameras on the Brdgewater Canal tow path and where cycle paths are around it.

We have since spoke to an employee of ID and he told us “We are collecting data and giving the information to TFGM” We asked him about privacy and no we got no answer, he asked us to contact TFGM which we have done.

It is hoped that the result of this survey means our roads and cycle paths can be finally made safer, Washway Road is a dangerous road and several times higher than the World Health Organisation limits on air pollution, we want to see cleaner air, more people on bikes and to help motorists as the room on the roads will start to become less during the next couple of years as more huge housing developments in Trafford become fully operational.