Pretend Boris Johnson/Plastic pollution: Greenpeace

Plastic is a very big issue in our rivers, canals and of course our huge oceans, however its much more of a problem for our government who are sending much of our plastics to burn in other countries.

The current Tory government pledged they would deal with our huge mountain of plastics and have so far failed on the deposit return scheme.

In a recent manifesto it said: “We will introduce extended producer responsibility, so that producers pay the full costs of dealing with the waste they produce and boost domestic recycling. We will ban the export of plastic waste to non-OECD countries, consulting the industry, NGOs and local councils on the date by which this should be achieved.”

We are aware lots of our waist including some hazardous waist is buried, the large use of single plastics though is like a huge water leak a never ending situation that without a stop tap will be harder to sort out.


Big soft drink firms have added more recycle information on the bottles however calls to look for a better alternative seems to have failed.

The use of plastic bags has dropped since you need to pay for them however a recent idea to increase the price from 5p to 10p has not happened.

Once plastic is in our river and brooks, including our canals it all goes out to sea, a coke bottle can end up miles away from the UK much of it ends up like tiny pellets that fish think is food and of course if its a species humans eat will end up in the food chain.

It is unknown what plastics in humans will do, we think it would not be broken down, the issue is what would it do in our organs like the liver and kidneys? at this time no one knows.

We ask people to try and stop the use of single use plastics, if you are a sporty type use a water bottle yes its still plastic however it will cut your use of single plastics by more than 50%.

Despite the UK sending much of our recycled plastic to other countries we suggest to continue to recycle as some of it is still sorted out in the UK so worth doing.

FollowGreenpeace and Friends of the Earth on social media, help our planet to survive, do this for our future children so they can continue a comfortable existence like we now have got despite the madness that surrounds us, Help our environment and the wildlife we love, keep fish free from plastics! Governments around the world have a hard job dealing with many things, plastic pollution with air pollution needs to be right near the top.