Moments after the first blast was heard: Image from social media

On this date four years ago during an evening of excitement for many children and adults alike watching a Ariana Grande concert on 22 May 2017. at the Manchester Arena turned to tragedy.

One of our reporters was in a park at the time and heard what she thought was loud gunfire, several clatters of loud sounds, other people also heard the noise here in Trafford.

All media was on to this story, police everywhere and ambulances on the scene, chaotic scenes of children screaming, worried parents, it was too early for other media to find out what has gone on.

Breaking News came on just about every media channel some time after about people being killed then the news a suicide bomber had blown himself up intent in destroying innocent lives, this was really horrific.

Chaos continued, people who came from other parts of the country were lost, even children! and even now we remember the generosity, the care that the good people of Manchester gave to everyone who needed help, taxi drivers taking people from wherever they lived for free! They were magic that night.

It took a day or so to reveal 22 people had died in the blast, families ruined on an evening that was about having fun, enjoying the music all the pink balloons in a safe environment.

In the days after, Manchester was in remembrance mode as people from all over came to the city centre to mourn which helped show Manchester’s strength to the entire world.

Today and forever we remember: