Police were today (25 May 2021) notified of suspicious activity going on at a restaurant on Flixton Road in Urmston.

Upon arrival police found several bags of cannabis inside the building which locals are claiming was inside a former restaurant.


A large find like this will help get rid of what has become an out of control issue that police have not got a grip on despite the drug being still classified as a ‘Class B’ substance.

The psychoactive chemical that gives a user a high is called THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) which has been thought to damage DNA and cause cancers.

In the UK its a class B drug and illegal to have and more so to sell, other types of psychoactive drugs related is also illegal and could see you fined, sentenced or both you can find out more about the law here https://www.gov.uk/penalties-drug-possession-dealing

A large find like this would get the owner a long stretch and fined if caught police say they are investigating.

We have asked GMP for more information on this incident.