Dominic Cummings giving Evidence

Boris Johnson former aide Dominic Cummings gave evidence in front of MP’s today and revealed some horrific information that would have caused victims families some distress.

Johnson it is claimed thought Covid was Swine Flu and that it was nothing more than a scare story in the early days of the pandemic because of this international travel and life was as normal as ever, yet in January the government knew about this virus.

They knew long before the WHO (World Health Organisation) about this emerging virus, even Taiwan closed down with mandatory masks and border closures.


Even worse was to come as Cummings revealed Health Secretary Matt Hancock lied to the public about PPE and when he claimed live on national TV “everyone who needed treatment got the treatment they required” when he was told before hand by Witty and Valance that people did not get the treatment required and many died in horrific circumstances.

Cummings added he lied about other things although did not go any further, Hancock should have been fired for 15 to 20 things according to Cummings who also revealed Johnson almost fired him in April.

The committee who he was giving evidence to asked Dominic Cummings for evidence of his allegations.

In summary from what Johnson’s ex aide said today gave a picture of utter confusion, finger pointing and lunacy, no one knowing what to do, data sets only being sorted out in mid April last year, it seems once Johnson caught Covid (which he only tested positive for) the government collapsed.

Only bits of positive news for the government was Chancellor Sunak’s running of the economy and the vaccine roll out, still the same as Cummings said many tens of thousands of people died ‘Needlessly’ something the so called ‘Conspiracy theorists’ have been saying all this time

Lib Dems leader Ed Davy said on Facebook “I can’t imagine how difficult it must be for bereaved families to listen to Dominic Cummings’ evidence today.They deserve to know the whole truth and they deserve to know it now.The Prime Minister must set up the inquiry he promised immediately. No more delays.”