Social Media has changed our lives often for the better one such social media site called TikTok is bringing the world together with short video clips and live footage from a user.

Like all social media platforms though a user needs to keep to the guidelines of the platform.

We have chosen a couple of the best accounts to follow that we felt was the most entertaining or was informative :

  • SammyDrip526: This channel is rated number one for entertainment where one individual serving in a petrol station in the US where he plays pranks on customers, and generally engages with everyone in a relaxed fun way, he is also on Instagram and YouTube.
  • Stormchaserswithattitude: One guy chasing storms in many parts of the US, it is a really good channel with lots of talking from the host about severe weather events, the individual goes where others do not go which provides viewers great footage of tornadoes and hurricanes.

It seems at this time TikTok has many people talking about diet and how to shed the weight, with individuals claiming to be doctors and some that are really convincing.

TikTok though can be too extreme with its rules with users complaining they have done nothing, or if someone is heard using profanity in a live video the user gets banned from a day to a week which we are sure you will agree is a bit unfair.

We have laughed a lot at some of the videos, one of the best was a video of ex president Donald Trump who after visiting India came on screen saying all the people loved him and calling him a Cutta a very big Cutta in Urdu which means something very different from what Trump said, then he said people called him a very big aramsada which was a very bad swear word.

Some users have dogs and cats, squirrels and even fox videos, and of course many Covid videos which can be hit and miss, we noted some gambling live streams from the US with no disclaimers about how bad gambling is.

We have seen a live stream of a US police officer doing his job chasing criminals and has been seen with his gun, many videos about a thing called ‘Audit which can also be seen on YouTube where individuals video a police station and often end up in trouble.

One individual called Francis.bourgeois we have seen goes crazy when a passing train beeps his horn and wears what looks like a old style train cap and overcoat, other videos seen of kids waving from a motorway bridge with parents at HGV drivers who also honk the horn.

Some videos are not suitable for some eyes, with women seen in revealing clothing.

TikTok is a great platform for all users and despite the harsh guidelines we fully recommend you check out this social media site.