Solar Eclipse: Pic Darren Marsden

A partial solar eclipse will be seen over the UK this Thursday and it will start just after 10 am and will end 12.26pm so long as the weather is good.

An eclipse is the moon coming across the sun, in 1999 we saw a full eclipse where everything went dark for a moment on Thursday because its a partial eclipse so it will be light.

If you want to take photos or do some timelapse videos you must not look at the sun directly what is suggested is to use special glasses for solar eclipse or other methods seen in this video (Credit CBC News)

You could also use a tripod and put your camera on screen mode so you can see what is going on and line it up with the sun this way you never have to look at the sun, similarly you can use a mobile phone tripod and do the same thing just darken the picture.

We suggest to be doing video rather than take pictures as you are less likely to look at the sun which must be avoided entirely and at any time you can screen grab pictures which often gives you some magical shots so long as your equipment is good enough.

The only thing that can spoil this great event is the weather and its predicted to be cloudy! although only a prediction so fingers crossed for a clear morning and early afternoon, otherwise you can watch it live on our Facebook page so please follow and like our page.