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Our opinion: Social Media/Coronavirus/free speech

Covid if you believe its a virus or not has seen our lives turned upside down, people have died and many others are scared so much they are still hiding under the duvet.

Most of 2020 and this year we saw a big rise in the numbers of people using social media channels, it is a fact social media was important to those that use it, earlier on in the pandemic we saw no restrictions in what you could say, sadly the big names more so YouTube got tough.

YouTube’s guidelines got so tough that often we saw big names in medicine being given strikes and worse de-platformed for giving his or her viewers scientific information about the virus, no misinformation anywhere, people like Dr Vernon Coleman although managed to keep his channel had many videos taken down.

Talk Radio came on the scene in a very big way, it was a breathe of fresh air to the many people watching live on YouTube and social media channels, Julia Hartley-Brewer the earl morning queen of the radio waves took on the politicians with some force, trying harder than anyone else to get the politicians to at the very least to have a think about the damage they were doing to this country.

UK Column was removed even though they did nothing wrong other than share legitimate videos and talked openly about the way the government was handing the virus, no misinformation was ever seen or heard from this channel and had a very large following, we hope YouTube gives them the channel back and soon.

YouTube removed them from the platform, angry bosses at Talk Radio contacted Ofcom and legal representatives and shortly after they were back, it shows you whoever is in charge at YouTube has taken the guidelines to a more draconian level that is ultimately shameful for the once great platform, a place where free speech was allowed!

We think social media giants like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook needs to relax with the rules, if misinformation is going around have a look at it and deal with it, first though check who is behind the channel and at the very least watch or read what is being said! it seems they are all using computer software that detects certain words more than checking manually.

YouTube at this time get our trophy of shame for the draconian way they are killing free speech, of course they only are doing well because people earn money from producing videos, cut that off they would sink faster than the titanic, the world changes, everything must change! and YouTube could one day be looking at themselves saying “What did we do wrong?”