Partington Parish Council: Google

Partington Parish Council has submitted an objection to a 5G mast that could be built if approved on Manchester New Road in Partington.

In a first for News4Trafford we have a local parish council all agreeing that the 5G mast needs to be refused due to health and safety concerns, this is significant and throws the ball back into the court of political councillors who felt 5G was safe even though clearly they did not read ICNIRP guidelines or if they did then they have not understood the dangers.

The Three-UK 5G mast proposed to be installed in Partington

We expect Trafford Council now to do something and halt the roll out this would be the appropriate thing to do and to get the other networks to turn off 5G until significant proof can be provided that its safe to which we know will never happen.

The result of the objection from a Parish Council will also have an impact on other areas and indeed the world.

ICNIRP (International Commission of Non ionising Radiation Protection) offers no safety in its guidelines, the WHO (World Health Organisation) will not be publishing any updates until sometime next year and that could be delayed due to the pandemic.

Public Health England rely on ICNIRP as does much of the mobile phone mast industry, Cornerstone who build masts for O2 and Vodafone told us they are using a precautionary approach to the guidelines.

We can confirm 5G is not safe! and with Partington Parish Council’s objections it will help not only stop the Manchester New Road mast but all the others and we thank them for the objection which you can read below: