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We have all heard about UFO’s or UAPs as they are known as now! and we are not claiming Aliens exist or have visited our planet however something weird is going on.

Many videos and photos suggest maybe aliens have visited our planet! however in the age of advanced editing this might be nothing more than a prank.

So lets imagine now! what if a UFO is spotted by UK military and fighter jets were scrambled to check it out and suddenly it attacked the fighter aircraft what would happen then?

You see if it ever happened our visitor would be far advanced than what we would be, it would freeze the electronics on board the aircraft rendering it useless, more jets come in to attack and the same thing happens, and the UFO has barely moved!

It goes quiet for a moment whilst plans are made, then bombs hit it from all directions and its unsuccessful, our technology means nothing to advanced civilisations, our money means nothing, and then it strikes back! zapping everything in its path.

humanity will have nothing other than its arms and legs to protect itself and even the moist agile is still too slow, humans are dangerous to only humans and advanced alien beings will know this.

We are all doomed if we ever bring aliens to our planet and all communications to find them must stop with immediate effect, this does not mean we should stop exploring.

It is often fascinating to see videos and pictures of presumed UFO’s many are really dreadful which actually shows to everyone how far behind Apple are with the full zoom mode! some though are of good quality which you can see on Secure Team on YouTube or from official US government files.

It will always fascinate us even if you do not believe in it! people are always talking about area 51 in the US and interested in what those who have seen UFO’s have to say,

UFO stories however crazy they maybe is something that will fascinate us for decades and the years ahead with the hope that one day our visitors will be friendly if they ever land on Earth.