Where the new storage and warehouse facility could be built in Partington: Google

UPDATED 8 July 2021

Huge traffic issues loom for Partington residents as a 26 plus acre storage and warehouse facility could get the nod at Trafford Planning Committee tonight (8 July 2021)

In documents seen we can reveal that an estimated 70 HGV’s an hour will be rolling in and out of the development and this will be a 24/7 a day operation at all times of day and night.

The development will see 5 mega sized storage/warehousing units and offices built on Voltage Park on Common Lane in Partington which is really close to the abandoned rail line on Manchester Road.


Himor who is building a new village in Carrington objects strongly to the plans as it would mean the new Carrington Relief Road would be impacted due to the amount of vehicles on the road and changes would be needed to the route which has already been made.

With Partington residents already concerned at the situation that is facing them in the near future if these plans are approved tonight then things are going to be even worse and much sooner! once approved this huge development will be operational by early next year.

Councillors at the meeting tonight which can be seen live on the Trafford Council YouTube account are minded to grant this application since the Highways are fairly happy it won’t cause any road network issues, which HIMOR and likely just about everyone else including ourselves disagree with.

Pollution is already of the scale in Partington on most days, more HGV’s on the scale we have already mentioned will only increase this problem.

As an update to this article we regret to inform all residents of Partington and those in Carrington the application has been approved.

The vote was won 11 to 2 with many of those councillors approving simply because of the huge amount of money the applicant is giving to the relief road which won’t do anything to ease the congestion, some councillors said Partington will be a car park from 8am until 6pm.

This is true so how are people going to get in and out of Partington, if it is to be a car park how are deliveries going to be made to the shopping centre? to local shops? how are emergency services going to get in or out? delivery drivers like Amazon even the food delivery firms will abandon Partington since they will be stuck in traffic all day.

Buses wont operate anymore? who would want to be in a jam for hours every day? for every journey? this is a bad move by those councillors who have little understanding of what all of this does to those people who it will affect the most.