Jack Grealish: Twitter

The record £100m signing of England and former Aston Villa player Jack Grealish has opened a few eyes since the deal was finalised.

Grealish aged 25 is a good player and has many years left to get even better under arguably one of the greatest managers in the world who will get the best out of him, however was he worth that much money in today’s climate?


With this mega deal what does this mean for the possibility of Harry Kane signing for City? well the club will likely give Spurs a player or two and a reduced amount which would work for both clubs, the issue could be how much Kane wants, he won’t be happy having less than Grealish.

Still the same if City can pull it off and gets Kane, then they have a much better chance of winning the Premier League which starts proper next Friday, so good they will be if all gels together they could win just about everything, some say if they entered the Grand National or the Boat Race they would win!

As for Grealish, sure he is a good player and will only get better, is he worth £100m? that is for you to decide for us no player is worth £100m.

Manchester City still have some issues at the back and its this area we feel they needed some attention, the money this club has though would suggest another two players could be added to the squad.

City start the season with the FA Community Shield against Leicester at 5.15pm and will start the season proper against Spurs on Aug 15 and will be live on Sky Sports.