Woodsend Park Flixton: Google

Police responded fast after receiving reports of an assault in Woodsend Park Flixton on 1 August 2021.

A 15-year-old boy was alleged to have assaulted a female and was armed.

Police arrested the boy and found he had with him 2 x 10 inch serrated kitchen knives and was seized.

An investigation is ongoing into this incident and police are re-launching their saferparks initiative which means you will see more proactive policing in local parks and green spaces throughout Urmston and Partington.


With all the recent issues in Urmston and Flixton including all other areas of Trafford we ask simply “Is it safe to go into a park in Trafford?”

We are aware of issues in Worthington Park in Sale where a resident has reported serious problems during the evening, and people having problems in other parks in the borough.

Kids and teenagers know police will not be in a park much, and know when they are around so keep away until the proactive policing week or so comes to an end and then they return or simply move on.

We cannot give an exact reason for why these people are causing problems for local people, however having no Youth Centre is not helping, drug use is out of control more so in Walton Park where residents have reported seeing dealers in broad daylight supplying kids with drugs.

Cannabis or the stronger Skunk seems to be the choice for kids these days, often they see rap artists they look up to smoking this substance and think if they can do it so can I, sadly they forget its actually a banned drug and could see you get into serious trouble more so if you start selling it, its also really bad for your lungs and smells so bad it will be hard to conceal.

Had Youth Centres been open we feel most of the problems will have not happened, these places were a safe environment for these kids and teenagers to go to, with staff on hand to help them out, to warn them of the dangers of using drugs and carrying a weapon.

Our message to these kids: Just because you are under 16 and still at school means nothing, your mum and dad won’t be able to help you if you are caught with 2 huge kitchen knives! or if you have drugs on you, your pals will not be there to help you when its time to get into the police van or end up in a cell with only your thoughts for company.

Your mates don’t care about you! when the time comes and police have locked you up, you are not going to be the leader of your group or look bigger than before, and depending what you have done you may never see your so called pals again! who will be laughing and talking about you as a complete idiot behind your back.

The reality is clear, be in a gang, do what you have to! just keep it in mind one false move and it could be you! in a police van with no one around to help you until police call your parents! and if you do manage to go home, more punishment will be waiting for you if your family cares enough about you.

Trafford’s parks have always been do a degree! safe parks, they are important to all of us not just to a mindless few who want to ruin it, Trafford people will not stand for it and will report things they see, even record what they see! we ask kids and teenagers to have a good time, hang out and do what you do, just leave out the anti social behaviour and hope one day the council will give back your Youth Centres again.