We have done a freedom of information request asking Ofcom if millimetre wave testing had started and where, we also asked about when it was likely a spectrum auction was going to be announced.

Before we begin Cornerstone who do all the masts for Vodafone and O2 said in a recent document: “There are no Higher Frequency (mmWaves) commercial 5G antennas Deployed anywhere in the UK and none are currently planned (due to high cost of coverage) you can see this part of the document in the image below.

Ofcom has told us that mmWave testing is being carried out in specific locations up and down the country although could not give any exact locations.

They told us that consultations will begin in 3rd Quarter of 2021 which is next month at the latest on mmWave auctions which will mean networks can have the spectrum needed for the higher frequencies.

We question why Cornestone would say such things when at the time of publishing they knew ‘mmWave’ is being tested and an auction will soon take place, we would also question what else have they said (in a misleading way) to the public about?

These higher frequencies will cause much harm to people, although the higher the frequency the less it enters our body unlike what we have now! you become more conductive and these beams will cause many eye problems as it says in the ICNIRP guidelines “It will cook your eyeballs”


Many of these small masts will be seen in hospitals, schools, train and bus stations, airports and they will all link with the huge towers that are going up everywhere, using massive MIMO masts to beam all this back and forward which will give you mega internet speeds with a price to pay.

We have checked and re checked many times and hardly anything has been said about what all this means for our pets and our wildlife, looking at the logic here they have much better eye sight than humans and are more exposed since the skin is much thinner than a humans.